About us!

We specialise in aquaponics fresh products

  • Fresh from harvest to your table 🍃
  • Chemicals free 🧪
  • Naturally fertilized from fish waste 🐟
  • 90% water saved 💦
  • Eco friendly farming 👩‍🌾
  • Near zero waste ♻️
  • We deliver to selected locations 🚛

Ennabta Farms LLC

Established in 2019 by An Egyptian family, our Farm is a healthy aquaponics located in Belbeis, Sharqia, Egypt. We love organic produce to keep a healthy body and mind and believe that aquaponics is a trustworthy system to cultivate these organic products. Our objective is to help making our products available to our community and spread a healthy eating style.

Our core values are drawn upon caring about the environment; in our farm, we save 90% of the water used for normal soil farming, utilise solar energy to produce a good portion of the electricity we need, and we conduct sustainable business in everything we practically can to produce near zero waste.

Browse our site to learn more of our history. Look through our online store to find fresh chemical free products and vegetables. We welcome you to come visit us! Just drop us few lines when you’d like to come.

  • Foods right form the patch.
  • Undergoing global GAAP and Organic certification.
  • Non-GMO veggie products.
  • Environmental production.
  • Chemical free grown fruits & veggies.
  • Best tasting product on the market.